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Appellate Litigation
Blake, Kirchner, Symonds, Larson, Kennedy & Smith, P.C.
Post-Trial Intervention & Appeals

As a litigation firm, at Blake, Kirchner, Symonds, Larson, Kennedy & Smith, P.C., we have devoted substantial efforts to developing an exceptionally strong appellate practice. To learn more about our appellate litigation practice, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our appellate litigation practice includes dedicated appellate lawyers who devote a significant amount of their time to appellate activities in both state and federal MI appellate courts. Our appellate attorneys routinely advise and consult with trial counsel throughout the development of a case, to preserve error and identify issues for appeal. We identify the key issues from a fresh perspective, frame them within persuasive written briefs, and fully understand the unique aspects of appellate oral presentation.

Motions Practice: In complex cases, we identify and develop the important legal issues through pre-trial motions, trial briefs, oral argument, and interlocutory appeals.

Trial Monitoring: In high-exposure cases, we monitor the trial, in cooperation with trial counsel, to ensure preservation of the record, identify trial court errors, and facilitate settlement.

Post-Trial Intervention: At the critical post-trial stage, where the appeal issues are developed, we take over cases to provide a fresh perspective of the record and an objective evaluation of the appeal prospects.

Appeals: We craft persuasive appellate arguments, drawing upon our creative legal analysis, unique understanding of the appellate rules, and thorough knowledge of the record in each case.

Our appellate remedy practice often includes civil actions in the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Blake, Kirchner, Symonds, Larson, Kennedy & Smith, P.C., offers clients in a wide spectrum of businesses and industries the capabilities and experience necessary to appeal lower court rulings on lawsuit settlements quickly and effectively.

Whether representing our clients in seeking an appellate remedy or responding to the efforts of others, we skillfully develop and vigorously pursue effective appellate strategies and have a substantial record of success in securing for them decisions that affirm their positions or overturn opposing ones. Contact our experienced Michigan appellate litigation attorneys.

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