Firm Overview
When you or your business are faced with legal issues, whether in the form of lawsuits, negotiations or business deals, the assistance of a team of experienced lawyers is invaluable. Whether you are an employer, insurance carrier or corporate officer, you need a defense lawyer who understands your business and who can resolve your issues efficiently and effectively.
Ethics & Professionalism
The firm adheres to the highest professional standards of ethics and professionalism, and agrees that cost-control is important for all types of clients; however, it does not use considerations of price as an excuse for giving its clients less than the best possible representation. The firm’s practice is concentrated on litigation. All of the firm’sattorneys are accomplished trial lawyers, and represent clients in state and federal courts, as well as administrative agencies, throughout Michigan. The firm does not hesitate to take cases to trial or appeal, if necessary, and works hard to settle cases, if settlement is in the clients’ best interest.
Meeting Your Needs
Each of the firm’s attorneys has the focused experience required to meet the needs of business and the individuals who own and run them. The firm represents business clients across a wide range of industries with respect to employment relations, succession planning and ongoing advice with respect to day to day business operations. The firm also offers support for all of our business and individual clients.
Open Communication
The firm’s attorneys are skilled in the practice of such alternate dispute resolution mechanisms as arbitration, mediation, and facilitation and are accomplished in all facets of civil litigation. The firm’s business, appellate law, and litigation lawyers work closely with clients to develop strategies to avoid, as much as possible, future problems that may turn into costly litigation. The firm goes to great lengths to learn all it can, not only about the industry in which the client operates, but also about the unique features of the client’s particular business. We maintain continuous and open communication with all of our clients to explore the best ways to serve the client’s needs.
Blake, Kirchner, Symonds, Larson, Kennedy & Smith, P.C., represents clients from the Detroit metro area and throughout the State of Michigan.
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